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臺灣OPP自黏袋, OPP Adhesive Bags, OPP自粘袋 OPP塑膠袋 OPP包裝袋 田一塑膠工業股份有限公司 - T.E PACKAGING & GIFT MFG. INC.

BOPP,CPP,PP,PE包裝袋, opp plastic bag, opp bags

塑膠包裝材料 OPP膜 OPP塑膠

1. OPP/CPP/PP/PE包裝袋 OPP/CPP/PP/PE Packaging bags 2. 100% 生物可分解包裝袋 100% Bio-Degrable bags 3. 基層貼合袋 Laminate bags 4. 食品麵包袋 Food Graded bags 5. 文件保護自粘袋 Packing List Envelope 6. 快遞袋 Courier bags 7. 手提袋 Hand bags 8. CPP 彩色三層內頁 CPP colorful inner sheets